Situational Awareness Article - Prepping For In Between


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This is a two part article from The website, author Noah C.

Part 1)
Part 2)

VERY INFORMATIVE and I recommend that everyone read this.

Guiding Principles

As with all preparations the specific answers vary. People who are equally intelligent and knowledgeable will have different answers while trying to solve the same problems. This is normal but while the specifics may differ the principles are the same. Looking at history, I want to propose three main principles worth considering:

  1. You are going to have to get along in the new social reality.
  2. Subtly supplementing is the name of the game.
  3. Prepare with Hobbies and History
Part 2 discusses how to fit in to your current location and signs to look for which indicates some change in the community awareness. You may not be included in that community, so these signs may be your first clue. Watch carefully.


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Interesting articles.... my takeaway... He appears to be almost apologizing for having what I extrapolate is an Suburb/Xurb ("those in the suburbs are in between") lifestyle, and a wife who won't fully embrace the notion of being a survivalist. Instead advocating for knowledge, community, and practical applications of prepping activity (gardening, canning, etc)... all good things, but none that will help in a real post SHTF world where people are predator and/or prey.


He admits "the explosion of suburbia in the post-WWII" has eliminated the space between cities and suburbs/xurbs, and cites empirical evidence that "rural areas avoided hunger more than urban areas" and fared better because they were "close to where the food comes from". He FAILS to see how those two points illustrate the most obvious correlation. Distance = security.

Or, as I like to state: Location + preparation = isolation


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He FAILS to see how those two points illustrate the most obvious correlation. Distance = security.

That right there is obvious to you and I, but it seems to be something that many people in the prepper realm are missing at this point. Reality is that no one knows what will be best in the future, but history proves you are right.


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I think most preppers suffer from the same historical myopia most of society does... it really is a human condition that people recognize and acknowledge, then overlook...

We have so many famous quotes about it too...

“Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.”

― George Orwell

“Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it."

― George Santayana


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And then we have to learn the lessons over again, every second or third generation...
Prep for it...


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My opinion:
Gulf War One was as clear a victory as WWII. It’s end, like the end of WWII, was just as muddled. With GWI the generals all made sure what the mission was and what defined victory ahead of time. When we got there they declared victory and stopped. With WWII there were formal surrenders and it stopped.

My understanding of war is that basically it is breaking things and killing people. Once you break enough things and/or kill enough people the war will end. If you allow things like safe havens ( Pakistan allowing Afghans to R&R there, Cambodia allowing the Ho Chi Minh trail, you get the idea. ) then it starts becoming harder to break enough things or kill enough people.

I’m a bit PO’d concerning the idea of “limited“ war. Either fight to win or don’t effing start..
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