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Discussion in 'The Learning Center' started by hypnos, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. hypnos

    hypnos Well-Known Member

    Aug 7, 2018
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    Just to get some discussion started.

    - Have a plan in place for what you and your family will do for all of the forseeable threats.
    - what your family will say to strangers, who they will notify when they make that contact.
    - Prevent mentioning on social media, or to people not on the need to know, things like your schedule, and any vacations or other absences at your home.

    Something I watched about a man who was finally aprehended for burglary after a very successful criminal career I took very seriously.
    - even if you cannot afford a security system, place stickers from security companies in your windows.
    -owning a dog is an excellent deterrent.
    -keep your lawn/ property in good condition.
    -keep your window blinds closed and windows and doors regardless of their level from the ground locked, preferably with double locks. If they cannot see into your home, they may not risk an entry as they may not be certain if a person is home, or if there is anything of significant value to take.
    -if you cannot afford a camera, purchase a dummy. It can be enough to prevent many criminals from stepping on the property. The globe type are the best, not only can they not be sure what direction the camera is pointing, they will not be able to tell if the camerais real or not, some dummy camera's are simply not realistic enough to pass inspection even at a distance.
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  2. Atlas

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    Mar 4, 2016
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    Great start!

    Other things that I have thought of:

    -Garage doors are a huge security risk. Do not leave your garage door open if it is visible from the street. A good view of all your "stuff" stored inside might be all the motivation a thief needs to make you the next target. Might as well mention how easy it is to break into these doors as well. There have been several cases of the remotes being easily duplicated and a thief literally rolls the door up, backs up a truck and takes everything. Keep entry doors into the house locked at all times. Get a hook or dead bolt system for when you will be away.

    -Trash. Leaving your trash on the curbside is a huge security disaster. Never leave mail in your trash, as anyone can read through it just by opening up your can in the middle of the night. Never leave boxes from expensive items in the open on the curbside. If it says what it is, the thieves all know what you have.

    Student practice thread can be found here.
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