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In view of the large amount of support we, as Preppers, receive from Jim Rawles website, I would like to recommend that you return that support by helping the website keep it's ranking on the search engines. To that end, read this request from Jim:

I’ve recently learned that SurvivalBlog has been penalized through de-ranking by search engine algorithms, partly because of the short length of some of our columns. So I’ve opted to henceforth consolidate the “Odds ‘n Sods” column to just Sundays and Thursdays. It will no longer be posted on Tuesdays. Not to worry, as the total number of column items seen each week won’t be decreasing much. I’m sorry to do this, but to maintain visibility to folks doing web searches, we must cater to the vagaries of the search engines. They now de-rank any blog entry that is less than 600 words long. One way that you can counter their de-ranking of the blog is by encouraging your friends to make their browser’s home page, and by occasionally linking to SurvivalBlog articles from your own web page or blog. Many Thanks! – JWR
By making become your browser homepage, you support the website as a valuable (IMO) resource for Preppers (that means you). We, here at are already linking to many articles and blog posts which we have found at

This is the URL to use as your home page:
Of course, you could also chose to make our website: into your home page, but I would like to see our Prepper community working together to support another asset.

Obviously, you don't have to do this, but In My Opinion, it is a way to "pay it forward" and support someone who is a Prepper asset.

Another way to support SurvivalBlog is to write and submit articles of your own. DO note the comment about the minimum size of a blog entry (600 words). I think that is a totally arbitrary number, chosen by the search engine designers, but use it as a guideline if you elect to write.
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I once won IIRC 3rd in the monthly writing contest. It was a "you need to be able to fight fire" type of post.

Remember, when you get down to it - Fire Fighting basically is putting the cool blue stuff on the hot red/yellow stuff.

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I go back with numerous emails exchanged back when James, Rawles was writing Gray Nineties and publishing it on shareware. Admittedly, after several years, I became overwhelmed with posts to different sites that grew. I will contact him again to show support.


I've never heard that Google is penalizing posts/websites for less than 600 words. In fact, they might lose rank because their posts are less than 300 words, but not 600. There's WAAAY more to SEO and ranking in Google than just writing posts that are over a certain word count. I don't discount that he may be losing rank, but it could be because of so many different factors. I'm wondering how they determined that it was for 600 words or less? When I search "Survival Blog" theirs literally comes up first. When I search "survival information" they're middle in the second page. Those are some pretty dang good results for a couple very broad keywords.

Not trying to start anything, just saying that the reasons could be various. I know a lot of websites that are struggling with rank and it could be for so many reasons.


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With respect to Google, specifically, there may be other factors which are Not public and which cause Rawles' site to be penalized. Google has a strong political bias and it is possible (very) that some Prepper topics may trigger that bias.
Yes, this is partly my anti-Google bias, but I'm seeing too much reporting which supports my position.


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When I google "prepper forum" this site comes up as number 7. No complaints there.

When I google "survival blog" JWR's sight comes up first. I understand his cause and what he is fighting for, but I don't totally think that it is justified. What he is indeed good at is marketing, and I appreciate that enough to go with what he is saying.

I have to go wash my hands of the google now.....
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What does survival blog sell? They don't sell any products really, they use the site to generate income through advertising.

What @Morgan had to say I think is probably true.

Maybe they do have a anti gun algorithm...
I did notice in the early 2000s Google was extremely useful to find the best deals on guns and ammunition by using its product search filters. They have since disallowed product search functions specifically for firearms. So what @twp said is also probably true to at least some degree.

It would seem that the sites more useful for generating money are ones that google has stake in, from adsense.

Obviously SB is generating income through selling ads on it's own, without adsense, but if google isn't getting a slice, why rank it higher when it probably has affiliates that are generating more sales...

Further, I applied for adsense on a website and blog I used to own. The adsense contact told me I needed to have a certain word count to use the adsense program, and they would optimize my SEO...

Its possible the Rawles gang recieved the same information if they applied for adsense to generate more income, it isn't hard to see why SB could be struggling financially with what they are charging for advertising space.
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I think the old business model, and the way many blog owners and site owners used to do business has simply changed. I think it takes more effort and new tricks to generate income, but it is probably easier now to do, then it has ever been. Here's exactly how,

This was part of the information I intended to bring forward at a later time for the M.I.L.E.S. Survival system, and is a way to market it, generate money, more site traffic etc WITHOUT needing to buy products to actually sell retail. It was my idea to do it this way first to generate income to improve the concept with a MK-2 version actually being sold in the more traditional format (retail)

Of course to take that risk, you need sufficient capital, and rather than use earned income to do that, taking a percentage of income in affiliate sales seemed to be a better option just to get the concept off the ground.

But wait...what about me?

Well I may be able to get into contact with textile/goods manufacturers and source items directly from Mexico and drop ship the items for the MK2. this will generate more income because of course, more expensive items like a kelty bag will not generate much profit, and increase the system cost. Besides that, it is much easier to control the branding, logos, and quality.

So, using modified specs of a similar product that is selling well, it is possible to have that item made and purchase it from the source. So that's my projected business plan. I say all of this simply because JWR doesn't seem to have one, other than waiting for the next impending disaster conspiracy to generate more interest in his blog.
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