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“Regimes that are losing public support always make the same mistake: rather than fix the source of the loss of public trust–the few enriching themselves at the expense of the many– the regime reckons the problem is dissent: if we suppress all dissent, then everyone will accept their diminishing lot in life and the elites can continue on their merry way.

What the regimes don’t understand is dissent is the immune system of society: suppressing dissent doesn’t just get rid of pesky political protesters and conspiracy theorists; it also gets rid of the innovations and solutions society needs to adapt to changing conditions. Suppressing dissent dooms the society to sclerosis, decline and collapse.

Dissent is the relief valve: shut it down and the pressure builds to the point that the system explodes. Regimes that no longer tolerate anything but the party line fall in one of two ways: 1) the pressure builds and the masses revolt, tearing the elite from power or 2) the masses opt-out and stop working to support the regime, so the regime slowly starves and then implodes.” – Charles Hugh Smith
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When WE pay people to make laws as a full time job, guess what they are going to do?

My solution?

First, make a law that says no more new laws without cancelling two old laws. The Constitution does not count.

Second, term limits for all politicians. Two terms.

Third, limit the days politicians work. Like 2 weeks a year seems about right.

Fourth, no more ballots with only Democrats on it. If there is a Republican, a Libertarian, a Green Party, etc. running they should all be on the ballot. This has single-handedly been the reason for many of the problems in my state.

Fifth, if a politician gets caught taking money from a company or foreign government to push a law through for their benefit, they hang.

Sixth, Repeal the Patriot Act and restore the Constitution and remove anything remotely impeding it.

That is all.


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Much as I agree with each and every point, above, I don't see much chance of those happening, short of an actual revolution. The politician don't want to lose their cash cow (we the people) and will do what it takes to keep bleeding that cow.

I am NOT a revolutionary. But, DayUm! I'm tired of being pushed around!
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