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@old guy, Interesting article, thanks for the link. I'll expand on what I read.

I do detect some political bias on the part of the person who interviews the doctor. Please take that into account as you read. I'm linking with the full URL here:

The idea that this particular virus was passed from bats to humans has appeared in the news before. An alternative theory, that it was created in a Chinese laboratory, has not been debunked and I keep it in mind as I read about this outbreak.

Viruses live on a delicate balance, don’t they? They have to be able to thrive without killing their host.
Right. The ones that kill off their host quickly will disappear. With the SARS virus, it’s no surprise that killing 10 percent of its host, it wasn’t able to establish itself as a pandemic virus on this planet.

Are there any signs that this coronavirus will kill itself?
This one has a lower pathogenicity. The lower its virulence, the more likely it’ll become part of an endemic, part of a seasonal event. That’s one of the big things that’s going to be a worry. If it does go quiet over the summer months, then the question’s going to be, “Is it still infecting people?” We could be walking around in the middle of summer with influenza viruses, but they’re not active. They’ve just gone quiet. When the right ecology comes into play, it starts getting cold, and damp, then it starts replicating like crazy. If it’s able to park itself, and not kill its host over the summer months, then we’ve got a virus that has all the telltale signatures of establishing itself as part of our normative landscape, much to our detriment.

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Oh, there is a lot of political bias there, but also some scholarly research. Worse yet is Live Science, but I still like some of their stories. "Know you enemy" Sun Tzu.


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@old guy, yeah, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"...


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My current theory on the source of the virus:

The people of Wuhan had evedince that would lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton.


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