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I agree with most everything in the article, especially the notion that "camouflage is a function of environment"....I have always said this...that a plain old white undershirt is camouflage if you are standing in front of a white wall.

One thing I would mention, is that camouflage is often considered covering what you are trying to hide in branches and brush. Well, that is excellent camo for a very brief time. As soon as the leaves begin to droop, or the evergreens start to go brown, your camouflage is suddenly an object that draws attention to itself.

Another thing that a lot of people don't really grasp, is that the object of camouflage patterns, is to break up outlines. Ruin the silhouette, as much as it is to blend in the environment.

Lastly, I think that an often underestimated aspect of camouflage, is that the weakest link in any camouflage, wehter it be clothing, or behavioral, is the eyes. Hunters know that animals will spook if they see eyes. The mind is programmed to register a face, or eyes, even when there is no face or eyes there, such as in clouds or knots in a board....we are hardwired to acknowledge a face...the best camo clothing, and the best behavioral camouflage in the world can be betrayed by someone noticing you looking their way.


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Oh, and lastly...

In any situation where you want to be grey....and this was mentioned obliquely in the op-ed by Jerry....mostly you will probably want to look liek a beta, not an alpha. Don't look overly confident, because people will be drawn to that, or threatened by it. Don't look dangerous for the same reason. Look and act a bit confused, a bit nervous, and if you need to look around, try to appear as though you are trying to see what everyone else is doing so you can do it too....that gives you the excuse to assess everyone without looking too wolf like. Widen your eyes when you look around....look bewildered and nervous....but other than that, try not to look around at all other than where you are walking.

Remember what everyone else will be looking for...leaders and threats. Don't look like a leader or a threat.


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I remember reading somewhere that military snipers are taught to not look at who they are stalking or avoiding, especially at close range... that there was some anecdotal evidence of something extra-sensory about it... literally spidey-sense like...

They were taught to look indirectly at targets and threats alike, using peripheral vision.


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I've heard this before, but have never seen it in writing. Having been stalked in the woods before, I can vouch for the feeling and could see how it would be best to avoid it.
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