Misleading ads - Be aware of hidden, false ads on this particular website


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One of my sources for news links is ProTrumpNews.com

Be warned, the designers of the website have chosen to use embedded advertising on their page which CANNOT be easily distinguished from real news links. They are NOT identified as advertising links and you may find yourself sent to a website without giving your permission. I don't have a problem with real ads, but I want them to be identified as advertisements Before I click on them. Hidden ads are disrespectful of their readers and massively irritating to me.

One clue, at least on my browser, is that hovering the mouse pointer over the embedded ad DOES NOT show the URL link information. Other links, to real news, DO show the URL link information (at the bottom of my screen).

Another clue, again on my browser, is that I cannot do a right click on the ad and get a menu of actions on the link.

I have reported this, multiple times, using their website contact form, but so far have never received a response back from the site manager/owner.

It's jungle out there, so be aware.

So far, I'm still using this website as a news source, but I reserve the option to dump ProTrumpNews.com from my set of bookmarked links. I'll let you know, in the forum, if I do make that choice.