Likelihood of Marshall law


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The above link:

has a huge number of reader comments. That is an indicator of how worried people are about this topic (Martial Law).

If the general public begins to feel that they are unable to have access to stores and businesses (think food), then we can expect to see riots and looting. DO KEEP WATCH on your news feeds. MSM (Main Stream Media) will NOT be a reliable news source due to their bias, but they will be forced to report on things like riots. For more reliable news, look to "alternative" news sources, such as,, and others.

If/when the news sources go silent (SHTF), take that as a big Red Flag. Act like a Prepper from that point on.

Martial Law? I expect it to happen. Even if it is not labeled as such. Watch for state governors to attempt to call up their National Guard (it may already have happened). Then watch for Federal overrides of the governors.

Watch carefully, not all sources are reliable (even us here on this forum) because their (our) news sources may not be reliable. It will come down to you and your choices.


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