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Historically, is silver a bad investment?

Discussion in 'The Main Board' started by Atlas, May 17, 2018.

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    Mar 4, 2016
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    I learned to stack silver from my mother's father. He was born just before the Great Depression, survived having his leg blown off below the knee on Iwo Jima, and always was ready for anything that came his way. When I was a little kid he would show me some coins and would always be excited to teach me about them. He always ended our lessons with, "This is real money" and I believe him to this day. When he passed away a few years back my mother sold a good part of his collection to help pay for medical fees for my ailing grand mother, which is great. It was exactly what he wanted. The coins he bought were sold at what seemed like a profit at the time, but was it really?

    The argument has been made that silver is not a good investment. If you look back at the last 100 years of prices you will see that depending on when you bought or old your silver you may not have made any money. My grand father may or may not have bought on the dips, but only by luck was his passing at the same time as when the price was fairly high.

    Does this mean it is a bad investment? No, it doesn't.

    Why? Because of a term you may have heard before. Silver is a store of wealth. No matter what you will always be able to sell it for something. Not all stocks, bonds, commodities, etc can say the same thing. The big difference between this and other stores of wealth is the fact that you can hold it in your hand. That is what makes silver a good investment.