Google, again..,. Google Promises Less Spying on Users’ Web Browsing, Locations


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Key word in the article title: "less". Not zero, just "less"...

Google has promised to change the default settings on its services to store less user browser history and location data on its servers. The default setting will only apply to new users — existing users will need to change the settings themselves.

NBC News reports that Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced in a recent blog post that the web giant would be changing the default options on its services, claiming that users’ browsing history and location data would only be stored on Google’s servers for 18 months.

Currently, users have to specifically state that they want their activity data to be deleted by Google, according to Pichai, the firm’s new default options will mean that users’ data is continuously being stored and deleted. “This means your activity data will be automatically and continuously deleted after 18 months, rather than kept until you choose to delete it,” Pichai said.
I'm calling a BS flag on this. JUST STOP TRACKING ME!!!! :mad:

I hope nobody asks why I advise NOT using Google... Read the article.