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Ole' Remus says:
The gathering storm, so long denied, is now so strong as to be uncontainable. The quarter from which it will break is in doubt, that it will break is not. We'll discover who the real preppers are after the first hard blasts roll across the land. In war this is known as "first contact with the enemy", the violent unraveling of faulty imagining that exposes the viable core, if any.

When gentlemanly prepping doesn't cut it, and it won't for long, we'll find out if they can up their game to become survivalists. My estimate: each step will eliminate more than half, meaning fewer than one out of four self-proclaimed preppers will continue to master the maelstrom as competent survivalists. Then it comes down to how many survivalists will actually survive. I'm guessing most.

Why most? The hard lessons will have been learned. Scarcity of resources is one thing, scarcity of will and skill another. The first is challenging, the second, fatal. Events don't select survivors, they select themselves.

Those who believe prepping is tinfoil hat stuff have revealed they plan to fail. And fail they will. It's here the casualty list will be longest.
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Without any doubt, it is time to get prepped up.

Thanks for posting this, but make sure to post the link back to the source so that we can give credit where credit is due.
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