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Be sure to hold the UCO Sweetfire starters so you are striking in line with the wide base. If you strike cross-wise to it you can easily break the tip-off.

One of the fuels I use is the military, or the civilian labeled version of the military, gel fuel. It comes in a squeeze pack type of packaging (though larger, or course), so I use a screw top round tin to hold it when using it. For a couple of reasons. One is so I do not have to squeeze it out onto the ground, where it can be hard to control, put out, and regulate. Another is so I can put it out easily and use the remainder later. Third is so I can safely use it on top of other surfaces, such as a stump, metal table, or whatever instead of down on the ground.

Not only does it make things really easy in the various small, minimalist solid fuel and simple alcohol fuel stoves, it is a great accelerant to get wood fires going, especially when burning wood items in the small minimalist stoves. It just take a small amount to make sure the wood catches fire inside that very small, hard to reach, space with other types of fire starters and tinder.

It is a basic part of my compact 2-part water & cooking kit I carry in the field. For reference, here is the list, with links. I have not checked the links in a while, so some of them might not work.

40 ounce stainless steel Kleen Kanteen w/fold down ring top w/Stainless steel Pathfinder 25-ounce folding handle graduated cup w/lid, Canteen Shop Olicamp 16oz stainless steel folding handle graduated cup, Self-reliance outfitters SS water bottle stove, Self-reliance outfitters SS water bottle hanger, Self-reliance outfitters SS folding handle cup lid, Survival Resources pre-filter support sheath & coffee filters, Katadyn Micro-Pur MP-1 foil pack chlorine dioxide tablets, PryoPac Gel fuel, 2-oz screw top tin to hold gel fuel, 2x sporks, Light My Fire Grandpa's Fire Fork, Mini-Bic lighter, all carried in and on a Self-reliance 4”x10” water bottle carrier – Primary drinking water container and acts as cook kit

Water purification kit
Go Berkey single black element stainless steel purifier w/primer
Survival Resources pre-filter support sheath & coffee filters
Katadyn Micro-Pur MP-1 foil pack chlorine dioxide tablets
3x 1-quart water bags
Scotch Brite scrubber (1/2 of one to clean element) (get at a grocery store)
Self-reliance 4”x10” water bottle carrier

Some of my other go-to tinders and spark catchers are fatwood, char cloth, tea candles (as tinder extender), magnesium powder (not chips), UCO Titan Matches, Lightning Strike ferrocerium rod, Lightning Strike Napalm tinder.

The Lightning Strike ferrocerrium rod with its spark guide design and the Lightning Strike Napalm tinder is the closest to a no-fail ferro rod system I have founnd. A five-year-old girl had a fire going after two strokes on the Lightning Strike.

Just my opinion.
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