Emergency am/fm/noaa radio's


i have a red cross am/fm/noaa raduo.with flashlight siren.a usb port of cell phones.solar panel. hand crank.also able to recharge it by way of usb port or electric outlet...but yet it's wearing out.any suggestions on a decent one for under 37.80.?


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This is one of the items which really fit the mantra: "One is none, two is one, three may be just right".

DO get a model which uses a super capacitor for power storage, not chemical battery cells. My experience is that they last longer. DO also store some of these in EMP proof bags.

I had (past tense) a radio (AM/FM) with super capacitor storage, solar and mechanical (crank) charger. The gears on the hand crank wore out although the solar charger continued to work for a couple of years. That unit was stolen...:mad:


the one in the pic is the one I've had a few years.my mom had it i don't know how lond.before that..it payed for it self more then once. half way thinking of another.but doubtful.


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I have the Kaito Voyager KA-600 and am extremely happy with it. Cranks okay, and you can actually build up a pretty good charge in the battery. Mine is an earlier version. The new ones are even better in my opinion. More expensive than some of the other options, but I feel it is well worth the money for the All-Hazards alerts feature. I would get the AC adapter and the wire antenna as illustrated on the Amazon page. I would shop around for the best price, and watch out for shipping costs.


I got two extra battery packs (the 3-cell Ni-Mh rechargeable packs) and the AC adapter when I bought my earlier model. The current L model uses 18650 Lithium cells with the protective chip. I would suggest picking up a couple of extras. One of the good things is that the batteries can be recharged in an appropriate external charger. For mine I have to put the battery in, charge it up, and then charge up another if needed.

It is a large radio and I doubt I would take it in a back-pack kit, but it is fine when I am using the game cart and when at home. I have a couple of less expensive Midlands that I caught on sale at Walmart last year. A little over half-price. They are fine for home, and would work in a vehicle with some mounting ingenuity, but I would not take them in the field in any type of emergency situation unless it was all I had available.

I do not use mine daily. It is in one of my modular kits. I keep the battery unplugged to avoid any ghost power use if there is any and plug the battery in when I need to use it. I would suggest the same with the L model with the 18650 lithium cells unless it is being used as the daily monitor.

If anyone is contemplating getting any type of hand-held two-way radio, FRS, MURS, GMRS, scanner, or Amateur, many of them have the weather band alert system that can monitor in the background while using the radio for its other purposes. I have a couple of the older FRS/GMRS hand-held radios with the feature so I do not necessarily have to have a separate weather radio in the field.

In light of recent events, and some of the recent posts here in the forums, I believe that having a really good early warning communications system could be the difference between fairly easy survival because you knew what was going on from the beginning and suffering greatly because you had little or no reliable source of information and got caught in every bad thing that happened.

A weather radio on 24/7 for the alert system is the best first step. A trunking system capable scanner I would suggest next, then a quality multi-band multi-mode receiver for international news and to receive Amateur radio stations. It needs a decent antenna. If you go ahead and get an Amateur Radio Tech license you can have 2-meters and 70centimeter band radios for widespread local information even without the repeater systems if they go down, and really wide area coverage if they are up. Long distance two-way communications can be done with an Amateur Radio General license and an HF Amateur Transceiver and good antenna. FRS, MURS, and GRSM radios can be used for very short range communications within a family group or small community group.

Just my opinion.


moving it is ok with me.only reason i posted it where i did..is because.i figure it's a type of communication.




i sent a tv antenna i ordered back.seeing how it aint worth the money.i'll get the radio when tgat money get credited back to my paypal account.


i clicked the link i posted.and came up with a wrong page.

this is the one i like.


It's small enough to keep in a glove box or a bob/ghb..


thanks for the heads up on that.I've ordered it.

i had forgotten that i had a account with amazon.


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