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I had the opportunity to help a neighbor by picking up something at WalMart for them since it is is less than 1/4 mile from Sam's Club where I fuel up RUFUS. What the heck... I will help a neighbor. So just as a walk in, there is a display of 4 lb bags of sugar for $1.42. I bought 6 bags. Sugar is nice to have on hand but I rarely use it. A guy comes up and asks why I was buying so much sugar. It was probably an innocent question but there might come a time when when it won't be. Thinking fast I told him it was for a church baking group and walked away.
At some point, making a purchase like that will be dangerous. We need to buy now and gather goods now.


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That's a great deal, stack it high and deep for that price.
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:rolleyes: I'm glad to see this resurgence in in church participation. I hope it becomes common practice.;) Remember that a potluck dinner will use lots of beans and rice too. :cool: