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Now I wonder if there will by any consequences to "those in authority"?
I don't think the indoctrination of the population has been complete enough to avoid some "social distress"...
I can already hear the pleas: "We did it to protect the people", "I was acting under orders", "We will see a second wave of infections"...

What I see coming is a brown wave of BS.

We have less than 25 days, here in the US, before we reach a "trigger" point with the elections.

Preppers need to stay alert. The MSM may not report the flash point, but alternative media has been warning for months. Keep your Situational Awareness fully tuned in your local area. Ya'll listening?


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I must preface this link with my opinion/comments:
1) More testing = More detected infections. Simple math, not a change in infection rates.
2) Actual deaths from the Corona Virus remains low. A vehicle accident is NOT death by Corona.
3) MSM (Main Stream Media) would have you believe that more detected infections represents a "surge" in virus spread.

Italy Reports Record 10,000 COVID-19 Cases; Global Death Toll Tops 1.1 Million: Live Updates

You are no longer free to run screaming and shouting into the streets... Not a joke, but it is pertinent to the government mandates to restrict social contact.

We are being "controlled" in order to manipulate public opinion.:mad:

Who you gonna trust?;)