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Article - Why I Regret Leaving Venezuela: The Difference Between Bugging Out and Becoming a Refugee

Discussion in 'The Main Board' started by twp, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. twp

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    Jun 16, 2018
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    This is a longer article with some good insites from someone who has go through a SHTF experience (Venezuela) and is willing to talk about it. It is specific to Preppers like you and I.

    I'm in the USA and I'm a Prepper. One of the possible scenarios for our future is that the economy falls apart, with all the consequences that might hold. Read the article to see some of those consequences as the evolved in Venezuela.


    I recommend that you also read other articles by this author, most of which are available at the Organic Prepper website. Do a little digging and you'll find them.

    Please do compare the plans and actions of the author against your own. Remember that no plan survives contact with the enemy, whoever or whatever that may be.
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