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Dang. I hate being negative about things, especially other people's work. However, I have to say that the article has several major mistakes in it. At least in my opinion. And one of them is very telling. I do not think I would take advice from someone that does not understand the differences between cement and concrete.

Another is the sequence of the process of building. It is not a good idea to even try to get a building permit before pretty much everything is already planned out and designed. You sure do not begin to dig before you have planned the locations of vents, drains, entrances/exits, power conduits, water supply locations and piping, and quite a few other factors. The considerations for electricity and supplies should be part of the initial planning and design stage, not after construction is completed.

Also, the depth that was quoted (10' tall structure with 2' of earth cover) requires a depth of quite a bit more than 12'. And 2' of earth cover is not really enough for good radiation protection. There is no need for lead lined doors, except for some very extenuating circumstances. Entries/exits should never be straight into a shelter, where that would allow the door to be exposed to direct radiation. And even the tiny percentage of radiation that might be reflected around a corner can be minimized with just a bit longer right-angle entry hallway.

Lastly, sort of, I really do not like using the term bunker for anything to do with prepping. It is almost always a misnomer, usually a very long way from being what a prepper needs, wants, and winds up constructing. To me it is always prepper housing or prepping shelter.

I have attached some .pdf files that give a variety of my thoughts on prepper housing and shelter. One of them is really long and has some duplicated material. The drawing(s) file has drawings about several aspects of shelters. Several may need some explanation. If you do not understand something or have other questions, feel free to ask.

I have many more articles as well as open source and public domain information on shelters, too. If anyone would like any of them, let me know.

I am always updating my information, so any suggestions would be welcome.

Just my opinion.


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