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Article - Growing Food When Drought And Heat Are Constant Problems

Discussion in 'Farming, Gardening, & Homesteading' started by twp, Jun 19, 2018.

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    Jun 16, 2018
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    I'm cross posting this from the NNPG forum.

    Warning, the author seems to believe in "Climate Change" as a driving force for people... That phrase is a buzzword intended to hook gullible people... I call it Weather.

    Nonetheless, the list of plant species and planting methods is valuable. Do read.

    Growing Food When Drought And Heat Are Constant Problems | Prepper's Will

    You may NOT be able to find the specific plant varieties listed by the author, particularly in a post-event world. Look for NON-GMO, NON-HYBRID seeds and learn to grow for seed as well as consumption.

    Also look for seeds which are specifically for your climate zones. You may not have the time needed to re-breed from seed for climate tolerance. This is possible, but you'll loose a lot of plants/seeds in the process and not produce as much food value.

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