Econ Article - Establishing a Community Corner, by Mark C.


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The author is requesting feedback from readers, to be voiced on James Rawles website ( via email. He (Rawles) will post those emails on his website in the Wednesday Snippets column. The author states several factors which might be considered by anyone who attempts to participate in this endeavor. Please read the article and consider how you might contribute.

I (TWP) find this an intriguing idea and encourage others to contribute. Hopefully, this can create local communities which can survive the likely failure of our current business models. My personal skill set includes items like cooking, gardening and computer configuration and programming. I want to point out how diverse your own skill set might be. I hope you will all begin a process of looking for and, hopefully, finding a location in which you might establish such a "Community Corner". Personally, I would advise avoiding larger towns/cities because they may have too much infrastructure already in place to regulate such endeavors... Ol' Remus said it: "Avoid Crowds".
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