Econ Article - China Is Vehemently Urging Citizens to STOCKPILE FOOD Before Winter


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China sounds alarm bell, tells citizens they need to stock up on food before winter: Is this a warning for America?

(Natural News) China’s central planners are telling the country’s 1.4 billion people to stock up on food for the winter because there may not be enough to go around.

The ChiCom leaders ordered the leading state-owned energy companies in September to secure enough supplies for the winter months at “all costs,” and now they are telling Chinese households that they’d better start stocking up on food as well, which is triggering wild speculation about the possibility that tensions with Taiwan may spill over into all-out warfare, which would likely spark a response from Asian neighbors and the United States.


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we're about to find out just how imbilically tied together a "global" economy really is.... and maybe realise its not such a good idea....
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