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Article- 10 items everyone will be looking for after SHTF

Discussion in 'The Main Board' started by Atlas, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Atlas

    Atlas Administrator Staff Member

    Mar 4, 2016
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  2. twp

    twp Search with DuckDuckGo.com Staff Member

    Jun 16, 2018
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    Potato Chips
    Bottled water
    Now we get serious... after the first rush on the stores.
    Plastic sheeting
    zip-lock bags
    camping gear: sleeping bags, tents, tarps
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  3. Jerry D Young

    Jerry D Young Active Member

    Jul 14, 2016
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    I think I am looking at this a bit differently than the article, and even you guys. First, pretty much everything available now is going to be looked for after an event starts. And much, even most, of it will not be found, or if found, in very small quantities and possibly only after a deep search and the occasional battle.

    I believe the first things to disappear pretty much completely after an event starts, and even slightly before if people know about it ahead of time, are the same things that disappear quickly now during our 'regular' emergencies such as hurricanes, blizzards, some floods, severe weather of other types, epidemics, and several human caused disasters of various types. Pretty much the same items, with a few specific to each type of disaster. In general:

    1) Bottled water & water containers.
    2) Fuel of several types & fuel containers (especially gasoline, Coleman fuel, and propane).
    3) Ice and ice chests. Ice makers if they have become common in an area.
    4) Toilet paper.
    5) Flashlights, batteries and battery chargers. A few will look for solar chargers, but not all that many.
    6) Milk, bread, & eggs. I lump them together because they are often purchased together as people want them for the same reasons.
    7) Sin tax items: coffee, booze, tobacco products, lighters.
    8) Feminine hygiene items.
    9) Canned tuna.
    10) All other canned foods in general.

    For specific situations and events, the following will disappear quickly and will be hunted for with prejudice if the event becomes long term. Only the first few are in any real time-frame order. Many are dependent on what is happening and who the people are. Baby supplies will go early to those with babies and toddlers. Only some people fit the category so they might last a bit longer, for example.

    1) Gasoline powered generators first, and then all other types of generators using other fuels, including 'solar' generators.
    2) Much larger quantities of fuel.
    3) Sheet plastic and tarpaulins.
    4) Plywood, OSB, and dimensional lumber.
    5) Fasteners with nails and staples leading the way, followed by duct tape, zip ties, cordage of all types, screws, and then the rest.
    6) Tools to use the above, especially cordless drills and other cordless tools.
    7) Water treatment, especially filters and tablets, with bleach right behind.
    8) Picnic supplies especially paper plates and plastic flatware.
    9) Snack foods and sweets, especially chocolate.
    10) Firearms and ammunition, and then all other weapon types including bows, machetes, big knives, baseball/softball bats, etc.
    11) Epidemic and pandemic supplies such as regular prescription and OTC medications, as well as alternative medications that people will believe will help, including elderberry tincture and syrup, various essential oils, and just about every scheme that someone swears will work. Also face masks of every type. Actual full face respirators and cartridges will go, but a bit slowly due to their cost at first. They will be fought over at some point, however.
    12) Heavy clothing if wintertime.
    13) Cooling devices if summertime.
    14) Baby and infant supplies.

    Many of the items on some of the lists at the website from which the article came, and others, I do not consider very valid choices. Not that many people are aware of many of them, others are in very short supply to start with, and by the time large numbers of people begin to realize that the items could be useful, they will not be able to realize it because they will already be dead.

    I just do not see Quinoa, millet, and Kamut being in high demand. And most will not even look for pemmican as it is not really available much of anywhere if you do not make it yourself, and not all that many people know what it is, except in passing from survivalist shows.

    The main thing is that a person better have what they want/need well before an event, any event, or the chances are they will not have during the event, much less afterwards. I know I am not in a position to try to get many of the things on the various lists, including my own, at the last minute, much less during the time people will be out looking for all of them, plus all the crazy things people will grab without a clue as to why they are.

    Just my opinion.

    Only once it becomes patently obvious that it is going to be a very long-term event will people start going for long-term event type supplies and equipment. That could be a couple of weeks to a couple of months, or even longer, depending on how many lies the government and the MSM tell.
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  4. WolfBrother

    WolfBrother Active Member

    Jul 7, 2019
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    Before Y2K the weather folks were predicting a Monday arrival of what looked to be a snow/ice storm to hit Austin. The first repot was on a Wed. Thur reports made the probability better than 50% for small accumulations. ( Remember we’re talking Austin, Tx here so it’s not going to be large accumulations).
    Friday reports 75%.

    I stopped on the way home at the Walmart super center to pick up a few things for the weekend. I did do a walk around of the store to see if anything jumped out and buy me you’re going to need me. Nothing did. I talked with a manager I know and he said the hordes had yet to descend.

    That Sun. my wife sent me to pickup a few things she needed for a carrot cake. When I got there all the checkout lines were 10 to 15 people deep. I ran into that same manager and he said “We ain’t got much left”.

    Bread aisle - except for a few artsy-fartsy fancy loaves of bread - empty
    Beer, soft drink, water aisle - essentially empty.
    Milk and eggs - pretty picked over.
    Heat and eat canned food aisles - pretty picked over.
    Snack aisles - essentially empty
    Camping supplies aisle - picked over.

    The store was normally stocked at 0800. By 1500 pretty much picked over.

    Remember - it’s all about “just in time” supply replenishment.
  5. Atlas

    Atlas Administrator Staff Member

    Mar 4, 2016
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    You are right on @Jerry D Young and @WolfBrother .

    Every time we have a winter storm I get a good reminder of how quickly it can disappear.
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  6. twp

    twp Search with DuckDuckGo.com Staff Member

    Jun 16, 2018
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    Jerry and WolfBrother, thanks for the analysis.

    As we are on foot/bicycle for travel, I don't expect to even try to make a shopping trip before a known event is predicted (storms such as weather or solar) are really about the only "predictable" event). If there is a run on the stores, I don't want to even try to walk home pushing a load of last minute grocery supplies. Might as well wear a target which says "these people have Stuff"...

    If society keeps moving in the direction of "unrest", we should (ought to) have some warning, we already are seeing warning flags, for those who are watching. I'm very glad we don't live in places like Chicago, San Francisco, Baltimore, etc. Where we are is bad enough, just not on the same level as those towns.

    Our food stockpile is good for 60-90 days, with rationing. We will never have "enough" other gear, so we will make do with what we have, when an event happens.

    If an event extends beyond even a month, then we will see looting and gang action in town.
    If we have decided to hunker down at home, then I'm not going out to get more supplies.
    If we are forced to move, I'll be getting us away from "civilization" and we'll be in scavenger mode and looking for opportunities to add to our mobile food stock. In such a case, I'll also be hunting for fish and game. That is seasonally dependent.
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