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I've not posted much in the last week or so. The reason(s) relate to what I'm seeing online about the world situation and particularly here in the USA.

I'm spending my time adjusting my Prepper plans for the immediate future, by that I mean the next month, on either side of the US elections.

No, I'm not going to list what my plans are (OPSEC), but I want to point out some factors which are driving my plans.

1) The spate of riots and "social unrest" has been reduced. At least MSM is not reporting as much happening.

2) I believe that those who were/are engaged in incidents of "social unrest" have NOT gone away. Their silence is deafening and I hope all of you can hear that.

3) I'm reading/seeing (online) an increase in the warnings about food shortages. While I do see some of this in our local stores and some of you are reporting similar shortages, I have to question why this might (perhaps, maybe) be happening. I mean who benefits from such a shortage?

4) We are in the northern hemisphere and winter is approaching. This is the time to be stockpiling... Be the Ant, not the Grasshopper.

5) In the next few months, going toward spring time, I expect to see some real shortages in available goods and services. Which may (perhaps, maybe) lead to violence as people go looking for things like food, fuel and shelter.

The above fall into the category of "Plan for the worst, hope for the best".

I'll try not to spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) by posting about what MSM is pushing at the public (You and I). But I advise keeping a sharp eye on trends because that will show us where we are going as a country/world. Right now, I see a trend toward instilling FUD in the general public.

Now that I might have scared some people, let's try to look at Proper Prepper Practices rather than running screaming and shouting into the streets because I think that is what TPTB are trying to get the public to do.

Be aware.


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I agree with all of this. I too have been working hard to get prepped. The next month is going to be one for the history books.
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Yup like I noted in a different post string. I’m working to double my “pantry”


The post string is Questionable reports of food shortages.

Walmart will sell you two 28 oz. cans of beef and a couple of cans of Dak ham. These are app quantity controlled to prevent you from ordering more. These - right now - are the only two I’ve found to be quantity controlled.

Free delivery generally next day or of ordered late in the day two days if you spend over $35.

Not all foods are next day free eligible because they’re shipping from not WMart.

If you’re careful you can acquire a significant amount of canned foods. Especially animal protein fairly quickly